Omamori | Quartz × Pearl

Omamori is an amulet that is held in Japan when you want to make a wish or ward off bad luck. Omamori are sold at various places, including shrines and temples, and are held by people who entrust their wishes to them. Some people believe that when a charm is broken or lost, it is a sign that a wish will come true or that bad luck will be avoided.

Hiiragi's bracelet is a talisman that always contains one zelkova bead carved by a Buddhist sculptor to pray for the fulfillment of wishes and warding off evil spirits. Please enjoy the amulet that comes close to your wishes.

Pure Japanese style bracelet with sacred pearls and crystals.

Plump and large freshwater pearl bracelet. The large freshwater pearls with a circumference of 10.5 to 11.5 mm are not perfectly round, but are slightly distorted and have some dimples, but this is a characteristic of organic matter. (As shown in the image) Combine with crystal to create a slightly Japanese treasure-like finish.

Pearls are gemstones that bring health and wealth, and are also said to have strong power to ward off bad luck, and have been loved in Japan since ancient times.

ーーーExplanation of beadsーーー
The following explanations are given in the order of first appearance, clockwise from the wooden bead that serves as the base point. Beads that appear in more than one place are concentrated in the position of the first one.

Buddhist wooden beads
: purification, protection from evil, fulfillment of one's heart's desire
: purification, good luck, warding off evil spirits
: protect yourself from disasters, ward off evil spirits


Bracelet inner circumference: approx. 16cm
*Wearing model's wrist size: approx. 15cm
*Actual wrist size + 1cm is a rough guide.

Conversion info ( 1cm = 0.39 in 1 in = 2.54cm )

<How to measure your size>
If you have a measuring tape, please measure the thinnest part of your wrist.
If you do not have a tape measure, mark your wrist with a string or tape and measure the string with a ruler.

*If there is a size expansion, the basic image will be the size 1 design.
*Size changes are not available for items intended for overseas customers. Please select your size from the box below.
*If the design has a base bead, the number of base beads will increase one by one as the size increases.Price fluctuations are constant.
*In the case of a design that mixes many types, as the size increases, the number of beads added is changed to keep the balance in mind. Therefore, price fluctuations due to size development are irregular.
*The stones and the woodbeads are natural, so no two are exactly alike. We offer pieces that are in about the same condition as what you see in the pictures. Please leave the selection to Hiiragi.
*In rare cases, due to the processing of pearls, there may be a very small hole near the hole that is different from the through hole. Unless there is a problem with the quality of the bead itself, it cannot be seen, so it is normally used as a bead.
*Pearls are relatively resistant to water and sweat, but cosmetics and sunscreen can cause them to deteriorate. If it sticks, please wipe it with a dry cloth by rubbing it one by one.
*It is okay if it gets wet in daily life, but please be careful not to soak it in water for a long time as it may cause the wood to crack.
*Omamori bracelets are delivered with the bracelet in a flat box. A cushion box for the cube is available for a fee. This is recommended for gifts, etc. You can buy one per bracelet.
*You may purchase up to two Omamori bracelets of the same design.
*Wearability may vary depending on the design. For the same inner circumference, if many large beads are used, the bracelet may feel a little tighter, and if many small beads are used, the bracelet may feel a little looser.
*For a more detailed explanation of beads, please see this page.

<Box Contents>
Leaflet explaining the beads used
16.5cm(wrist size for 15.5-16cm)17.5cm(wrist size for 16.5-17cm)18.5cm(wrist size for 17.5-18cm)
16.5cm(wrist size for 15.5-16cm)17.5cm(wrist size for 16.5-17cm)18.5cm(wrist size for 17.5-18cm)